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Tuesday, February 9th, 2016
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Real Bites

Fri, Mar 22nd, 2013
Posted in Chatfield Real Bites

Monkey Burger smothered in spicy barbecue sauce makes this burger a must-try. Photo by Jason Sethre

When dad is in charge

On Friday, March 8, I was in charge of making dinner, which meant we were going out to eat somewhere. Since we live in Fountain, almost centrally located in Fillmore County, we usually just spin the dial and see where it takes us.

On this evening, Chatfield was on our compass, and we had not yet been to the JAC’s Bar and Grill. We had eaten there under previous ownership, but we hadn’t eaten at the newly owned establishment.

So, we packed the kids up in the proverbial mini-van and made our way to the big city to the North.

Right when we walked in the front door, I saw a whole bunch of familiar faces. There was Matt Bradt from Chatfield, Cory Mulhern from Fountain, along with many other friends and neighbors from Fountain and Chatfield.

When we entered the dining area, there was only one table left, because the restaurant was a crowded house. Obviously, a good sign!

People always want to eat at a place where there are lots of cars parked out in front of the establishment, and JAC’s Bar and Grill definitely attracts a crowd.

Everybody at our table ordered their meal from the very helpful waitress, and while we waited for the food to arrive our children Olivia and Landon checked out the video games in a room near the dining area.

I couldn’t recall what my wife ordered, but I am pretty sure it was healthy. She’s always making me feel guilty, but she says I have a high metabolism -- so I think that means it’s OK to eat whatever I want, right?

I ordered the Monkey Burger, which I had never heard of before. Don’t worry, no monkeys were harmed in the making of this burger. It was actually a beef patty. But, the name of the burger prompted my decision. I love clever food. This burger had a spicy barbecue sauce which gives it the name Monkey Burger. Along with this awesome Monkey Burger, the basket I ordered came with a side of delicious fries.

Meanwhile, Olivia ordered a good old-fashioned hamburger (hold the cheese, always), and a side of fries. And, Landon ordered batter-fried corn dogs. They appeared to be baby corn dogs, but I do have a bigger appetite than my six-year-old son.

My meal was wonderful, and so were my son’s corn dogs. Apparently, his appetite couldn’t keep pace with the food set before him. So, I stepped in, as always do, and I made sure Landon was a member .....
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Family, fun and food

Fri, Mar 1st, 2013
Posted in All Real Bites

One of the most beautiful views in all of Historic Bluff Country can be seen as you enter from the west side of Rushford. During my travels to Rushford, I always feel like I am entering a village in the foothills of Switzerland. Truly picturesque! ..... 
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I’ve been Branded

Fri, Feb 8th, 2013
Posted in All Real Bites

For my last year in my thirties -- yes my 39th birthday -- I decided to celebrate with my family at The Branding Iron in Preston, Minn. I’ve bragged about The Branding Iron to friends and family before, and I’ve even written about my fantastic ..... 
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A place for family and friends

Wed, Jan 2nd, 2013
Posted in All Real Bites

I have written about the Old Barn Resort before, but it is definitely worth revisiting for many reasons. This is one of those places that melds well with its natural surroundings. Whether golfing within the valley along the Root River and the Ro ..... 
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A Slice of Americana

Fri, Sep 28th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

As I walked into the Village Square of Fountain, I could feel the vibe of happiness. Happy people eating some good – no GREAT food! There was a full crowd with nearly every table consumed by food and conversation. I was lucky enough to nab a table ..... 
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Shawnee's serves up a slice of BBQ heaven

By Sheena Tollefson

Sun, Jul 8th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Do you remember as a kid the long list of foods you didn't like or were unwilling to try? What about the things you didn't like but couldn't live without now as an adult? The biggest two on my list: mustard and barbecue. They're two of my favorite f ..... 
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Friends in good places at Highway 44

Sun, Jun 24th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Life is crazy. Time flies by and before you know it, it's been 2 months since you talked to one of your best friends who, when you were in college, you didn't go one single day without talking to. I find this happening way to often in my life. At on ..... 
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Off the beaten path with the Highland Store

Sun, Jun 17th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

When I decided to take on the Highland Store as my next Real Bites column, there was one problem I discovered. Where in bluff's country is it? Having not acquainted myself very well yet with the curving, nestled in small towns of the area I had no i ..... 
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Real Bites - Rhu-berry delight!

Sun, Jun 10th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Before heading to Rhino's Pizza and Sub Shoppe in Lanesboro last Friday night for supper, someone was telling me about a special kind of Spring Grove pop available now to go along with the Rhubarb festivities going on in Lanesboro for the weekend. A ..... 
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