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1:02:52, Aug 8th 2012

constructive thinker says:
You need to stop publishing this court garbage bef ore it is %100 convicted! You ruin good peoples lives! Also not to forget to mention, Fillmore courts are, %95 of the time,nothing more than strongarm extortion for public revenue


2:19:00, Aug 12th 2012

fillmorefarmboy says:
constructive thinker, the people that are listed in the District Court Reports have been charged with crimes.Once they are charged, it is a part of public record. It is up to the courts to determine their guilt or innocence. If you don't want to appear in the District Court Reports, don't break any laws. Plain and Simple.


9:42:33, Aug 19th 2012

gunnar berg says:
'' If you don't want to appear in the District Court Reports, don't break any laws."

That would seem to imply that all people who are arrested are assumed to be guilty, rather than assumed to be innocent, as the Constitution requires.


2:23:46, Aug 21st 2012

fillmorefarmboy says:
gunnar berg, If you don't want to appear in the District Court report, don't break any laws is nothing about assuming people to be guilty before they are proven innocent. The previous commentator, constructive thinker, was blasting the Journal for posting the District Court Report and ruining good peoples lives. The District Court Report is a Public Record that anyone can access. It's no different than going down to the Courthouse in Preston to see what is on the Court calendar. If people don't want to run the risk of having their lives ruined by having their name appear in the Court Report, they shouldn't engage in activities that could land themselves in jail or being charged with a crime. It is up to the Court to decide innocence or guilt.


6:48:44, Aug 21st 2012

gunnar berg says:
Maybe, but aren't you still assuming guilt?

Logic 101:
You cannot get your name in the Court Records if you are innocent,
Therefore, all those whose names are in the Court Records are guilty.

And for the record, I am not siding with the gentleman who thought public records shouldn't be in the newspaper.

I'm dropping out of this one for now; I think that dead horse has been beaten enough.