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5:10:18, Aug 27th 2014

hawkeyejay says:
Just like Yvonne to trot out the " Republican War On Women" routine. I guess if I was in her shoes I wouldn't want to talk about the mess in the Middle East, misbehavior by the IRS,or a chief executive so disconnected, lost, and sick of trying to clean up his own mess he just goes golfing instead. But since the subject of Planned Parenthood Federation of America [PPFA] is up for discussion, let's examine the facts.
Who cares about how much they say they SPEND on abortion services? PPFA committed 327,000 abortions in fiscal year 2012 grossing $171,000,000.00 dollars! [ all figures quoted here are from their own annual report for fiscal year 7/1/12 to 6/30/13. u can look it up.] That amounts to 55.7% of their income. Almost all the rest is taxpayer money except a tidy sum from the sale of " emergency contraception kits" which are just high dosage hormonal " morning after" pills that have dangerous health consequences. So much for PPFA being concerned about women's health. They are all about making obscene amounts of money and don't care one snap about women.
Yvonne wants us to think funding is being cut to PPFA, but what does the report say? Funding has gone up 77% since 2006 to a whopping $541 MILLION taxpayer dollars. Well then, services must be skyrocketing, correct? WRONG!!
Cancer screening: DOWN 39%
Prenatal services; DOWN 32%
customer base : DOWN to 2003 levels.
And don't tell me no taxpayer dollars go to perform abortions. Paying the light bill and all the other overhead is all part of the operation. Its all going to support something that is repugnant to many of us on a moral basis and we resent it.
And by the way, many of the " procedures" that raked in all those millions were gender based abortions that took the lives of innocent baby girls just because mommy and daddy wanted a boy.
Now that's what I call a real WAR ON WOMEN.

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