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11:00:14, Aug 25th 2014

wtf says:
Your article on Preston fastpitch wins big. The under 15 age takes 2nd.. There r two kids on that team that are not under 15. Logan and Matt. Bunch of cheaters!


7:33:35, Aug 27th 2014

KingslandGrad95 says:
wtf, why did you make that comment on a story regarding high school football??


10:35:47, Sep 2nd 2014

wtf says:
Because I can! At least I don't sit and argue with people like you do mister no it all! Lol


7:01:20, Sep 3rd 2014

youwho says:
Dear wtf, I can attest that Logan and Matt are within the rules of the league which state that you must be 15 on June 1st (2014). This rule applies to all of the age groups. If you don't know the rules, please refrain from commenting and name calling.


3:41:04, Sep 5th 2014

justdontgetit says:
The one kid was 15. He had his permit so that makes him 15. And it says under 15


7:38:46, Sep 5th 2014

youwho says:
Dear Justdontgetit,

15U does not mean under 15 years old. It does mean 15 years old and under as it does in all sports. If you don't know this, you obviously don't have much experience with youth tournaments or sports yet. It is also very clearly stated in the league rules that you play according to the age you are on June 1st of that year. So someone who is 15 on June 1st is the correct LEGAL age for playing 15U.

Please learn and understand the league rules before calling out other teams and players as cheaters. If you have questions, ask your coach to explain them to you.

Hopefully now you will get it.


6:11:27, Sep 5th 2014

justdontgetit says:
The one kid turned 15 in Nov. Of 2013


7:17:52, Sep 6th 2014

youwho says:
Which would make him 15 on June 1st, 2014. The correct age to play 15U for the 2014 season. Are you math-challenged? 15 on June 1st makes all kids the right age to play in this age group.

It's getting very old to have all the whiners and complainers in our league when no one bothers to learn and understand the rules.


9:54:10, Sep 6th 2014

KingslandGrad95 says:
youwho, I couldn't agree with you more. There are people out there who could be presented with all the facts and figures and they will still say that "no, you're wrong and what I think is right in my mind is the correct answer."


3:39:25, Sep 6th 2014

doc says:
Sounds like a young republican.


7:37:46, Sep 6th 2014

KingslandGrad95 says:
doc, was that comment really needed? Just because I said that same thing to a comment you made? Yes, I'm a young republican but one that actually went to college without being brainwashed by liberal college professors and one who is realistic. Anyone who has taken a statistics class, which I did when I was college, knows that facts and figures can be skewed to prove one person's point of view, even if said facts and figures can show something entirely different to someone else.

Doc, you just keep on believing what you believe to be the truth and I'll keep on believing what I believe to be the truth. If you're thinking you need to have some sort of witty rebuttal in an attempt to lure me into a drawn-out conversation that has nothing to do with a story of local high school football, save your breath and your fingers. If you do comment back, I'm not going to waste my time by responding.