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9:34:33, Aug 5th 2014

Justthefacts says:
Lifetime fed govt worker,
You haven't had an ounce of credibility since you were busted for plagiarism by an RP Tenth grader.


1:25:19, Aug 11th 2014

NCLoon says:
Would Mr. Gudmonson please share with us where he gathered all of the data regarding cost of living comparisons between Rushford and "California"? Is this simply his observations, or can he provide verifiable proof?

I've conducted a search on cost of living comparisons and, while I could not find one that specifically targets Rushford, I was unable to find ANY study that showed it cost more to live in CA than Rushford.

Sorry, but your selectively cherry-picking of a certain taxes and expenses does not accurately represent the true costs.


8:24:44, Oct 3rd 2014

in support of Stan says:
Justthefacts response is an example of bulling.
NCLoon asks for verification of Mr. Gudmundson's personal property tax information. I did find information on the site http://www.bestplaces.net/compare-cities/rushford_mn/redding_ca/housing where one can compare any two cities in the U.S. The property Tax rate is the amount of taxes one must pay on every $1000 of property. This information was updated June 2014. Property Tax Rate of Rushford, MN is $10.26 and Redding California it is $8.24. Therefore, it does cost more for people to own property in Rushford MN! Our businesses, rental property owners, and farmers are being taxed at a higher rate then those in California. LCLoon;s final comment is another example of bulling. Mr. Gudmundson is not comparing the cost of living but the tax rate on his personal rental properties. When one compares the tax rate of Rushford to Wells we find that Wells is now paying $10.34 after there referendum. Ours is before!!! They were being taxed at much lower rate to begin with!!! Please take a look at this web site! I was unable to put Pine Island in, not sure why. Let me know if you get that comparison. We are already being taxed to the limit! Please help our business to survive! Without our businesses we have nothing. Please vote NO