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Saturday, October 25th, 2014
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12:57:44, Jul 11th 2014

Voter says:
“I certainly wouldn’t be against it if the school board and the community felt it was needed.” The issue, he felt, would be training and experience. “These circumstances in which you are caught off guard are very stressful.” Miner said that those individuals carrying a gun in the school to protect faculty and students may be the first target of a potential threat. They would definitely need law enforcement training or a military background. And, a gun doesn’t do much help if it is secured in a safe. With limited time to respond, the school-authorized individual would probably need to carry the gun on them. “Would this person be trained to handle the stress if something happened?

You got my vote with that answer!


7:36:04, Jul 12th 2014

Not Me! says:
Sorry, but I he (Miner) wont' have my vote. I was undecided before this was publishes, to be honest. I don't know either man personally. But I did think Kasse edged out Miner. He acknowledged there was drugs in our area and in our schools...we don't want to admit it but it's true and part of the problem is turning the other way. It only grows. Heroin is an epidemic that has returned and Miner, for being on the force right now, is ignorant to think it isn't here. While I like that Miner is working right in the Sheriff's office right now and is familiar with the day to day, I didn't like his answer that he may be biased and he wouldn't really change anything. There should always be some change with new leadership, there is always improvements to be made. Not saying I wouldn't support either man if elected, they both seem to be good people from what I have read and/or heard and the support for both seems to be overwhelming from the good people in our county. I think Kasse edges out with more progressive leadership ideas, I think he sees that things need to 'with the times'. While Miner might have more PR skills in small town America, I don't see from what I read here that he understands the progression of small town America. Again, good luck to both!


4:23:54, Jul 13th 2014

Tom Kaase says:
Jason, I'd just like to thank you for taking the time to talk to Brian and I and allowing us to express our views, opinions, and visions. The conversation we had lasted over two hours, if anything, I wish the readers of the Fillmore Journal could have heard and critiqued the whole conversation. If your readers wish to have more information or clarification, I invited them to contact me by email (kaase@centurytel.net), phone 507-421-1290, or follow my run for Fillmore County Sheriff on facebook, kaase for sheriff! Thanks again.

Tom Kaase


11:51:41, Jul 13th 2014

Choice Is Clear says:
Was on the fence until now, Kaase is the man for the job. His answers were detailed, and has a vision for the department. Concern over Miner is not changing anything. There are drugs in the schools. Kids even know where to go to get meth/cocaine. To think there isn't drugs in the school is very ignorant. Why does the department not have a K-9, and just found out our county does NOT have 24 hour coverage. Any change in leadership should bring new ideas and make improvements. Officers in the agency would tell you, the ones not politically correct, and off the record of course, there are problems within, and would welcome some change.

Agree with Ostaranderresident, I read in paper Miner delinquent on taxes, and his business failed. If he can't run a small town gas station, how can he manage a budget with tax payer dollars and lead the department?

I don't agree with every answer the candidates gave, and hope they run a clean campaign, but I believe Kaase should be our next Sheriff.


12:13:31, Jul 14th 2014

not fair says:
@ostranderresident - I don't think it is really fair to attack Miner for trying to make a business work and then it became financially challenging. For God's sake, its Ostrander! I'd love to hear about how you personally invested your life's savings in making a business work in Ostrander. Please tell us your success story. We are all waiting to hear it so we can celebrate it at Uffda Fest in the Grand Parade!!!


12:30:53, Jul 14th 2014

Curious says:
Find it interesting Jensen is not supporting a candidate. The sheriff in Winona supported his chief deputy publicly. Why is Jensen not supporting Miner? Figured he would want to help out Miner, guessing behind the scene he is. Maybe closer to the election Jensen will come out publicly for Miner.


7:19:59, Jul 15th 2014

Wow! some people need to think things through before they speak or type .I am sure Miner will make some changes as he sees fit to, but clearly has a good working relationship with the department. and I am sure Miner knows there is a drug problem in the community. Kasse said himself that it was over a 2 hour interview, the writer sums it up in a few paragraphs, do you think maybe he is taken out of context or you are not getting the full story? It is ignorant that you think he does not recognize the drug problems in our community. To make drastic or to say you are going to make drastic changes to the sheriffs department is a slap in the face of the man who is retiring that has been devoted to our community for 30 plus years. To dig into personal lives really has nothing to do with how they will do things as a sheriff, everyone has said things and have done things in the past that they are not proud of. Don't blame the Miners for taking a chance on a small town business. I would rather have that then someone that runs off to Olmsted county. and if we are going to dig into pasts maybe we should dig into both pasts? Miner is a good family man raising 4 kids in the community, is involved in sport activities ,school activities and community activities. Having 4 kids being raised in the community of his own you would think he is going to do his best to guide us safely into the future.


10:33:25, Jul 15th 2014

justsayin says:
I think in the best interest for our county we need to let this election happen as it should without comments being posted regarding things people don't know anything about. This was the first article like this and I am sure there will be more between now and November. These two individuals should be able to have a fair and honest election without these types of comments. The only people it hurts in the long run is the citizens of the county. Thank you.


9:57:55, Jul 16th 2014

Kaase got my vote👍 says:
With this interview kaase got my vote! We need change in the county and he seems to be the guy to give it! He acknowledged the drug problems we have in the county rather then turned his head! He has also always been a part of the community even while working for rochester which shows his dedication to his community! However I think seeing a debate between the two candidates in a public setting would be helpful for the county to get their questions and concerns out there!!


4:13:24, Jul 16th 2014

Two dogs says:
Why would Mr. Kaase want to take a pay cut of $30,000 dollar a year plus to take this job? How would it affect his son who is employed by the sheriff's dept.? Would this be a conflict of interest? I don't know either candidate. Just some concerns I have as a concerned citizen and tax payer.


6:52:38, Jul 17th 2014

Kaase for Sheriff says:
First of all I think that both candidates have great ideas. But in the end, I think that Kaase is the man for the job. He sees things realistically. I think to say that you dont know of any specific drug problems in our schools is pretty crazy. We all know there are issues. I do however like that Miner wants more training on internet crimes as those are becoming more and more all the time. However, I just think overall Kaase is the kind of change this county needs. And in response to why would he take a pay cut...Maybe this is a dream that he is pursuing. Money isn't everything to some people. Sometimes dreams and goals take over in regards to money. I would probably take a pay cut too if I had an opportunity to be a sheriff in my lifetime. Maybe he doesn't need to worry about money. And in regards to his son being an officer, so what! We live in small town America. You're bound to have conflicts of interests all over the place. And really, it's not like they both don't have to be held accountable for what they do on their jobs. But great race so far and we will see what November brings!


3:14:00, Jul 18th 2014

SV citizen says:
I have concern that there would be a conflict of interest with Kaase being sheriff and his son being on the force. Would there be preferential treatment when opportunities to climb the ladder came up? I think that Mr. Miner has many relationships that he's worked on in Fillmore County, Mr. Kaase not so much, his time was spent in Olmsted County. I too question Mr. Kaase's willingness to walk away from his current salary and years of service so soon after his son was hired by Fillmore County, is he wanting to be able to protect his son? I don't know either candidate and have not made my decision, just throwing out some things that I think should be considered...and no, not everyone has to agree with me so hold your comments as to why I'm so wrong in my thinking.


11:28:08, Jul 18th 2014

Go kaase! says:
Tom I hope you get elected as sheriff! Although you have worked in rochester you still have an excellent relationship with the county from what I have noticed! You have always been around in the county such as being commissioner! I seen your article when announcing your candidacy and I think it's awesome that you want to come back to the county to finish out your career! I believe you will do great things if elected! I think people should know that if elected your son will not get promoted due to conflict of interest! Hope to see you around tom!