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3:33:01, Jul 8th 2014

Mr. T says:
My medical insurance just sky rocketed. I have a great job with medical benifits. I was paying $208 a month for my family. (Wife & 1 child). With a $2000 deductable. Under Obama care my rates with my employer went to $474 a month and I now have $6000 deducatable. I guess Mr Pieper it all goes down to what side of the fence your on. Obama care benefits the people that dont work and are on the system. I dont know what you do for a living, whether you fit that catergory or not. I'm glad that Greg Davids sticks up for the hard working people of Minnesota.


8:58:58, Jul 11th 2014

MrsH says:
You are placing the blame incorrectly. Your employer made the decision to offset their costs to you. I work for a good company with excellent medical. My medical is 100% paid for myself. I pay $121/month for my husband and child with a $500 deductible. They are a privately owned company. Their priorities are better than your employer. I'm sorry your employer doesn't see your health as an asset to the company, but rather an inconvenient expense.

Prior to getting on my insurance, my husband worked for a family owned small business who could not afford insurance. The ACA allowed him to get affordable insurance for the first time in 9 years for less than $100/month. The ACA works, your employer is screwing you.