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Monday, October 24th, 2016
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5:32:37, Jun 23rd 2014

Big Duke Six says:
It's ok Taylor Peterson, your children (who you pulled out of the School District) can still come and use the school facilities.


11:29:00, Jun 30th 2014

Taylor Peterson says:
Big Duke Six--

Maybe you don't understand why I pulled my children out of the district, so let me explain. Last August a letter sent from an anonymous source, to cowardly to sign the letter or put a return address on it, to my folks' address(because I don't have a landline phone and no listing in the phonebook). In this letter, the coward, personally attacks myself and my family and states that my children should be taken out of my home because I am a bad person because I question the school administration and have the gall to have an opinion different from the rest of the board. Now, you and the coward who wrote the letter and anyone else can personally attack me, but when you bring my children or my family into it, that's a different situation. My children have not been in the facilities since the day that letter was received, nor do I have any desire to bring them back to use the facilities.


1:31:01, Jul 7th 2014

kidsandstamps says:
I commend Taylor for standing up to a board that is basically parroting whatever Mr. Ehler says.
I agree that no kids should have keys to the school. I would also love to see the kids have access to the school but not unsupervised and not just a certain few kids, sorry, it does appear to be mostly teacher's kids and boys basketball players.

other issues should not bring threatening letters to his family. Grow up somebody, your actions are being seen by our youth so everyone needs to set examples for them to learn how to voice opinions without the childish drama. The community is not informed as to the impact of a new school build. Fix what we have, a beautiful "old=character" building. Stop wasting money on more studies and architects.

we should not be covering for a teacher who has been known to have alcohol on their breath in the school either, but this has been happening for many years....shameful!! What are the board and the parents thinking? whew, my child got through that year so now it doesn't concern me anymore...let someone else worry about it? I don't think so!!!

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