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4:08:29, Jun 6th 2014

Westphalian says:
It's fair to note that the AMA, ASA, APA and AAP along with numerous Journals and Regnerus' UT Sociology department have all reviewed the study and said that it isn't scientifically valid. All of the couples in their sample pool save for two exceptions were all couples in a heterosexual marriage. In other words, it only says Heterosexual marriages are bad when one of the parents is a potential closet case are bad and absolutely nothing about gay couples.

It's not just a handful of partisan critics that say the study is bunk, it's been just about every professional organization, journal and even his own UT department. The courts weren't exaggerated when they described it as discredited and fringe.


7:56:01, Jun 9th 2014

A mom says:
Thank you for the excellent article, Mr. Erding. Finally, we get to hear some common sense and Bible based truth expressed. You may get criticism from some for this article, but rest assured that there are MANY people who agree with you and are sick and tired of this twisted culture we are living in. Thank you again for putting forth truth!


8:03:51, Jun 9th 2014

disgustedbythejournalagain says:
Thank goodness someone else already commented on this and pointed out the flaws in this "commentary".
I would have thought that this newspaper (HA) would have more scruples than to let someone write this hogwash and then proceed to print it as valid information. What a joke.
To the publisher- you have a right to print whatever you want, but you also have a responsibility to ATTEMPT to print truth and not pure hate. That's what this was-HATE, disguised as "information". It's just pandering to bigots.
Shame on you for taking advantage of your ownership of this paper to forward your hate agenda and hiding behind someone else to write it for you.
After your repeated instances of atrocious behavior like this, I will no longer go to any business that advertises with you, and I will make sure to tell them why.
Not everyone who lives in SE MN is a hate filled bigot, but you have made sure everyone down here knows you are.
You are setting an incredibly poor example for our future newspaper owners and writers.


2:32:46, Jun 9th 2014

FairAndBalanced says:
In his commentary in the June 9th edition of the Fillmore County Journal, Jeff Erding attempts to convince the reader that a traditional family home (those with a Mom and a Dad) is naturally superior to other family-structure households. His argument’s main support is the Professor Mark Regenerus study entitled: NEW FAMILY STRUCTURE STUDY”.
Regarding the study, Mr. Erding states: “… no claims of inaccurate methods or bias have been raised”
A quick search of the internet proves both of these assertions to be totally false.
This link ( provides a sampling of responses – many questioning the methodology involved in the study. This link also discusses the flaws in the methodology: (
This link ( discusses the bias involved in the study.
In fact, Professor Regernus’ own university and his own department have called his methodology flawed: (
This study has been so discredited that court cases have dropped using it in support of their arguments: (
Mr. Erding claims he wanted to research and find the facts. I think that since he was totally incapable of finding any of this information, his only objective was to find anything that might support his pre-conceived belief.
As a result, I find his conclusions totally unsupported by anything other than his initial belief.


9:39:21, Jun 9th 2014

Jason Sethre, Publisher of Fillmore County Journal says:
To disgustedbythejournalagain,

In response to your accusations directed at me, please note that our newspaper provides a forum for conversations from various viewpoints throughout our coverage area.

If I were a "hate filled bigot," as you say, with some sort of anti-homosexual agenda, then would I have allowed the below story to be published on the front page of our newspaper in August 2013?

“Love is Love” for Wykoff newlyweds
See link to story:

I took a lot of heat for publishing that story, let alone on the front page. And, this happens quite regularly. I receive vicious e-mails, rude phone calls, anonymous hate mail and I even field critical online comments personally attacking me. Most of these messages, but not all, are coming from extremists on different sides of the table, and all relating to content that we publish in which I was not the author. But, I completely understand that this comes with the territory.

I think it is best if you keep your attention and concerns directed at the author of this commentary and the content of his commentary.

Further, I recommend that if you feel so strongly, then write a response that we may publish in our Commentary section. Put your name on it, and let people know how you feel.

Thank you for taking the time to express your views, and I hope you continue to do so.

Jason Sethre
Fillmore County Journal


9:46:57, Jun 10th 2014

disgustedbythejournalagain says:
So Jason,

Let me make sure that I understand your position on this. As the editor and owner of your newspaper, you are ok with printing misinformation from a widely discredited study (both for methodology and content) as long as it is under the guise of printing "various viewpoints". That is not really an explanation of why you didn't even bother to fact check before you printed, or require the writers you print to fact check. Why not? Just because your paper is free does not mean you should be held to lesser standards than other paid papers. People read what you print, and when you print false information it just continues the cycle of misinformation. There are a whole bunch of people who read that commentary and it just reinforced their bigotry, now with a "study" to back them up. Then they spread that misinformation further and cite the information you printed from that "study". It's irresponsible to pretend that it's not happening.

We live in an area where discrimination and bigotry are rampant. Why stoke the fires of hate when you could contribute to a more tolerant and inclusive community? (I'm going to let you in on a secret, gay people also spend money in our communities. As a person who owns businesses you might want to take note of that.)

Also, saying that you are not a bigot because you printed one article about a gay couple getting married last year is a little silly. It's kind of the equivalent of someone saying they are not racist because they have one friend who is black. Whenever you get done, your name is on that article, just like Erding's. And anyone who applauded your efforts at printing the article on gay marriage is not applauding you now.

Yes I am mad, and no I won't write something in response to the author besides this. This comment will conclude my interaction with your Journal. Erding is clearly a person who has made up his mind, even if it is hopelessly built on falsehoods. This is not a mind that can take in new information if it conflicts with his preconceived notions of the truth, just like the author of that "study".
But you must know that anything you print will reflect on your character. You read Erding's commentary before you printed it, right? If that is what you want to be associated with that is your choice. It is also my choice to not read your paper or frequent any business that uses you for advertising. You keep attempting to distance yourself from what he said, but YOU printed it. By printing it, you gave it your seal of approval. Honestly, even an editor's note at the end briefly discussing how the study had been discredited would have given you some credibility. But I'm guessing no one read anything about the study except for the parts that bolstered Erding's opinion. And if Erding really believes that the biggest problem facing our kids is having a gay parent, then he has not crawled out of his cave in awhile.

I'm sure you did get lots of hate mail and calls when you printed your column about two Minnesotans, who happen to be gay, finally having the right to marry. So after seeing what kind of hate is out there, why would you perpetuate it?


9:50:47, Jun 10th 2014

disgustedbythejournalagain says:
Also to Erding and anyone else who is wondering, do you know what the best modern family structure is? Love. Who gives that love matters not.


2:51:04, Jun 10th 2014

Laugh Out Loud says:
Somebody's scared to reveal their name for having such strong convictions on the subject. ^^^ hahahahahah. I'll laugh again! hahahahahaha


4:31:46, Jun 10th 2014

disgustedbythejournalagain says:
To Laugh Out Loud,

Thank you for the actual LOL at your comment. I'm not sure you noticed the delicious irony in it, but perhaps your real name IS Laugh Out Loud. Really brilliant irony. I hope THAT comment gets used in future editions of the Journal.

I don't use my name for the same reason you did not, we live amongst people who want names to punish for believing differently from them. Obviously you understand that concept just as well as I do.


4:47:16, Jun 10th 2014

Truthspeaks says:
Thank you Mr. Jeff Erding for not being afraid to speak TRUTH !! Because we live in a fallen world ; we well know that there will be many people with criticism and even hateful remarks against your excellent article. When all is said and done, God's Word will prevail. One day we will each stand before Him in Judgement.


6:39:52, Jun 10th 2014

Kallen Bahl says:
Finding a "scientific study" to back up one's opinion these days is really quite simple. Just use Google. Mr. Erding is correct when he says "there is a lot of literature that finds 'no difference' in academic performance and mental health between children in Mom/Dad families and those raised in same sex couple families." There is A LOT. It seems that the New Family Structure Study is regarded highly on the list of studies backing up Mr. Erding's opinion. If that is the case, I am not too worried about my plan to one day raise children in a home with two moms.

The American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, National Association of Social Workers, American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics (the list goes ON AND ON) have all discredited the study. It has been called "severely flawed."

Anyone can find "facts" to back up their opinion. I could easily seek out literature that concludes it is best to raise a child in a home with two committed parents (regardless of gender) rather than a home with a divorced or widowed or single parent. Would I ever do that? Absolutely not. Because it is not my place to tell anyone how to live or who to love or what is "better."

Please, Mr. Erding, let your opinion dictate your own life. Do not tell me or anyone else what the "best" way is to live theirs.


8:09:59, Jun 11th 2014

A mom says:
I hope that Mr. Sethre and Mr.Erding don't succumb to the blasphemous threats and accusations that certain commenters are putting on here. There are so many people here in this area that completely appreciated this article and hope that there can be many more. The one commentor has resorted to calling anyone who likes this article a "bigot". They get to answer to God someday soon for their actions. Our country was started by men who believed the Bible and loved the Lord, and therefore pursued liberty to worship God freely. Our nation has gone down the tubes, spiraling faster and faster - spurred on by people who are so caught up in this whole "hate" issue. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is sin and those we disagree with this point, are disagreeing with the God who created them and this whole universe, not with us "bigots." They will get their day to answer......and it won't be by slandering you guys for printing this. Thank you again for allowing people to open up the local newspaper and actually be encouraged by truth.


11:06:58, Jun 15th 2014

2cents says:
I'm not writing to agree or disagree with Mr. Erding's views. Everyone has opinions which leads me to the reason why I am actually writing. Some of you please educate yourselves. This article is a 'Commentary'. A commentary is defined as written or spoken discussion in which people express their opinion about something or someone. So please, instead of harassing Mr. Sethre or the newspaper, understand the aspect of commentaries. They have been common in newspapers for decades. They are opinions and not factual headline news. They are to awaken us, give us pause, give us thought and allow us to form our own opinions. This is not reported news, it is an opinion that is basically for entertainment purposes in newspapers. So share your opinions, for or against but please, do not be uneducated in what is actual 'reported news' and what is not.

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