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3:33:41, May 26th 2014

Reader says:
The headline says "Kingsland approves interim athletic director." However, 1. The reader is forced to wade through at least a dozen paragraphs of notes, some which refer to people as "Scott and John" without their last names or titles or at least mentioning them before in any capacity -- "John" being the superintendent and therefore demanding the respect of at least a last name -- until the reader finally reaches the FIFTH from the last paragraph and learns about the new athletic director, and 2. In wading through all these notes -- notes, not sentences -- one is left completely bewildered as to what they're actually about because as previous commenters have pointed out, Ms. Jeffers doesn't venture to do much more than take notes. And notes do not a sentence or paragraph make.


10:39:52, May 26th 2014

Educated Reader says:
Although I agree with your point about MRS.Jeffers not correctly writing names in correct format, you should probably realize that most school board articles are written in this note-type style. Would you rather they not cover school board meetings at all? Last time I checked no one forced you to read her articles and most humans weren't perfect. At least I have never met one.


2:46:31, May 28th 2014

Barb Jeffers says:
There is a lot of information shared at Kingsland school
board meetings. I understand that all of that information
may not be interesting or useful to you but it may be
important to some of the other readers.

I have been told I do not give enough details and I have
been told I give too many details about Kingsland school
board meetings. I do my best to inform readers.

I do aplogize for the use of first names. The
representative of the Finance/Facilities committee
referred to them by first name which is how I wrote
it down and overlooked it when proofreading.
That was my error.

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