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Friday, July 29th, 2016
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3:40:31, Apr 28th 2014

jeffe@hawknsons,com says:
I've lived in Fillmore County all my life. The people here have always been friendly, caring, thrifty, hardworking and self reliant. They are also good stewards, patriotic, and generous to all regardless of race or gender. They sure didn't need people to move in from other areas to teach them how to be all those things.
I find it remarkable that someone decides to move here for the "welcoming atmosphere" and" tolerant ambiance" and then feels free to criticize the very God fearing belief system that has made the towns and citizens what they are today. If you want to live among liberals, why not do so? There are almost no conservatives in Detroit or Chicago or New York City. Both the West and East Coast are controlled by Ultra Liberals. Why not move there so you can glory in living where there are no rabid diatribes from right wing radicals to run up your blood pressure..... and where you will also be able to wallow in a sea of debt from the self destructive policies advocated by you and all your left wing friends?
In my 61 years in southeast Minnesota, I have yet to see a cockroach here. I have observed numerous cockroaches when working and visiting in the Twin Cities and other big cities. People moving here should try not to bring any with them.


7:00:30, Apr 30th 2014

5th Generation Lanesboro says:
The liberals who've moved into our area from a bigger city have come here to save us from ourselves. And, apparently we locals need the help. These big city folks are smarter than us. If you don't think so, just ask them.

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