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11:56:59, Apr 2nd 2014

svtaxpayer says:
Start the meeting with the same old rehash about how great college classes and technology are. So what? Hear it at every meeting.
The addition discussed is mostly gym and auditorium with some offices. Mostly no classroom space. No 21st century learning. Gyms are 19th century! To fit in 850 students, much will be lost. Rooms will have to be shared. Labs and libraries and other spaces will be eliminated to cram all the kids into existing space. Plus, everyone hopes their student's room will be in the basement, stuffed into the old locker rooms, right? While we have three gyms and news-worthy Project Labs. Count classes and count rooms. It doesn't add up. Use what we have or build CLASSROOMS, not gyms. And it's already been heard ...if we do a referendum in the summer...


10:55:36, Apr 3rd 2014

Attendee says:
I do think the meeting went well in terms of sharing information. But also feel that the board pres and some others talked around questions and did not answer them, a few times the pres in particular would answer one question and then turn around and say something different. Doesn't make me very confident they know what they are doing. The grounds keeper was the most open and honest in my opinion. He said it truthfully, good and bad. I am thankful they had the meeting for many reasons. I am worried that they didn't see not one person there seemed to be for going to one site. No one spoke up for it but many spoke against it and there were a lot of people there. I don't think the board is currently listening to the people of the district. I hope I am wrong.