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Saturday, December 10th, 2016
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2:04:31, Feb 1st 2014

valleygirl says:
This commentary makes me furious that it has been published.

I am going to say that I have known Al Williams as a coach and found him to be a fair man- but I just lost a lot of respect for him, the reporter who wrote yet another article about one side of an issue going on in the Kingsland district, and mostly for the Journal itself. At least the last article had some facts and figures that were beneficial. This is just trash. It is a lot of heresay (one person passing along their version of something they were told by another, yet didn't witness personally - specifically the response to the first question) and biased opinion on behalf of both Mr, Williams and the reporter. They both want the school to remain open in Wykoff. Guess what - so do I, but trashing the super intendent and board decisions with out knowing AND reporting the whole story is NOT the way to go about it.
I will also point out that neither Mr. Williams or the reporter were at the last board meeting or the recent study and discussion session. If they had been many of the questions could have different answers. For example "We have practice at 6am now for some athletes, what will happen when we close two gyms in the middle school?" Well... if you had been at the last study and discussion session you would know the field house actually houses three practice gyms or 1competition gym..... current gyms wykoff and SV 3 (4 with cafe). Gyms if referendum passes 4 (5 with cafe) as the current SV gym would still remain a gym.
The only thing I can agree on is that you should get involved. Talk to your board ( I would suggest going to an informational meeting and listening first, but... whatever.) I don't care which way you vote - I see some benefits to each side. I graduated from Kingsland and some of my very good friends were from Wykoff. I don't think the communities of Spring Valley or Wykoff really want to loose our partnership, but these articles have to stop. All they are doing is making people more angry and divided..... Not to mention much of the information is WRONG. If you read the last article about the withholding of documents I think you begin to see this seems more like a personal vandetta. One I am done with. Either the Journal starts printing both sides - Not even sides, but all the information or I am going to start telling businesses where I spend my money I am pulling my business if they keep advertising in the Journal. Hate to do it, but I'm not afraid to take a stand either!


9:38:40, Feb 2nd 2014

MNKelly says:
Thank you Al for giving your perspective based on your personal experience as a school board member. You have a lot of respect in our communities. I'm sure more will appreciate your answers than will try to discredit you.


2:54:19, Feb 2nd 2014

journalreader says:
valley, you look a little silly flipping out. This is a commentary which is an opinion article. Commentaries are public opinion so what you are saying is kinds of silly. It is supposed to be what someone thinks or their opinion. Plus the reporter wrote an article interview about the other side of this kingsland thing so again you sound kind of silly. Its the journals job to do both and they have they did one aricle about a concerned person who didn't like the idea and one about someone from the school who wanted it. This is jsut a commentary interview with someone you can't fault somone asking questions and someone answering that's just silly but its ok if you don't agree with the answers. thats why it is in the commentary section. al williams was also at the last board meeting so you aren't honest about that. committee meeting I don't know. As for the reporter she is reporting that doesn't mean she is against or for anything. I never got that it never said she personally was for it or not in any articles. why are you being so mean and defensive? and why do you think the information was wrong? because the kingsland super tried to say so? He couldn't prove it wrong if you would have read the whole thing in commentary last week he just wanted it worded different. If you look at the tribune comments the owner of that paper even had to state a correction because his own paper reported the same information and he was trying to side with the super and say it was wrong but it wasnt lol Kingsland is a good place and the last thing any small communities need is someone threatening their businesses because they don't agree with someone's opinion in a commentary. Grow up.


3:35:42, Feb 4th 2014

valleygirl says:
@journalreader- A couple of things. 1st, I have to apologize. I was wrong about Al being at the last board meeting on the 22nd. Although I didn’t personally see him there, somewhere in my memory I do remember someone addressing him at the meeting. I am pretty sure he was there. It is not my intention to misinform anyone.
2nd- While you may think I sound silly commenting on this “opinion” piece, I would much rather sound silly than stand by while someone’s “opinion” publicly degrades someone else. Even if this is only opinion, there are people out there who will take this “opinion” as the gospel truth. Mr. McDonald was basically portrayed as a bully, and I would hate to think one person’s “opinion” might affect his job. That would indeed be silly.
Lastly, I was definitely too harsh in my opinion about the reporter. I do not know how she feels about the issue, but I do see a pattern. I think you might be forgetting about an Article from December 20th in which this same reporter interviewed Lynn Kidd. That article was once again about why the Wykoff school should stay open. That is two article/opinions (I’m not going to mince words with you) written by this reporter about why the Wykoff school should not be closed & one article/opinion written by the editor of the paper about a violation of open meeting law. All of which equal a lot of negativity towards any proposed referendum, the school board, and especially Mr. McDonald. In comparison to the one article/opinion written by the same reporter about why a single site school would be beneficial; an article that still makes a single site school sound negative… IN MY OPINION. The worst part is that after stirring up all of this drama the Journal didn’t even attend the committee meeting held last week. A meeting that if they had attended, would have given so much more information to the community. That is the reason they are not reporting fairly. That is the reason I am instituting my personal Journal boycott…. Which guess what? I also have the right to do!


7:38:32, Feb 5th 2014

OverIt says:
What is really pathetic is that you fail to realize that the Journal is a FILLMORE COUNTY paper. Yes they go to school board meetings but could you imagine if they did go to every single little committee meeting that each school/organization has outside of their FORMAL meetings? That is just ridiculous to expect. If that information is so awesome then maybe they should consider putting it our there for the public to read in a paper/open forum. We are lucky they cover what they do. It's disgusting to see people act this way. If there are so many people that think that the school in Wykoff (part of KINGSLAND) should be shut down or whatever then why don't they write a commentary or letter to the editor? Funny how you don't see anyone writing in the paper about it but rather blowing up online comments where a lot of people aren't even going to see your opinions.


8:35:23, Feb 5th 2014

FYI says:
I agree with Overit... valleygirl your outnumbering uncontrollable childish fits are ludicrous. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as you are, but you're one of those people who can't control or filter what they post. You won't quit flapping your gums until everyone conforms to your views. I went through and calculated the entire ratio of comments and roughly 1/5 of the overall comments have come from you. 18% to be exact. And there's well over 5 people commenting. Beat a dead horse much?!


10:20:27, Feb 5th 2014

@vallleygirl reading all the comments you have under several articles I have to agree with the person who said you act like people have to conform to your views. Let me tell yous something. I read all the articles too. One - you don't know if the journal is done covering this issue so there is still opportunity to hear more about it. Two - If you took all 3 articles by one reporter as in favor of keeping two sites open, that is your opinion. Personally, I took them as question and answer interviews and a reporter cannot control what people say. If you think the McDonald article looked that way then be mad at McDonald for not being open enough with information and the reporter doing the right thing by saying 'this is what he said in this interview but this is not what was said by him at a school board meeting.' Reporting is a JOB, an assigned job and a reporter can only do so much to get direct answers from someone. Read the other paper from the start of this (October) until now and you will see that there is conflicting information at board and committee meetings. I am glad the reporter pointed that out because not everyone is informed, obviously. Three - I do not personally know this reporter but know who she is. Know how? I see her working concessions at games, I see her cheering Kingsland athletes on, I have seen other mutual friends share her posts on facebook about positive things in Kingsland, I was told by the lunch lady that she makes a point to have lunch with one of her kids once a month and sits with all the kids and spends time with them, I was just recently told that she chairs an advisory group for parents at the school which is a group I didn't know about before but they are responsible for bringing the watch dogs program (dads at school) to Kingsland, I read on the Kingsland website that she teaches a community ed class. You really think this person is anti-Kingsland?? What do YOU do valleygirl?!? This reporter wrote articles and put her name on it! You can't even comment online with your real name. At least Mrs. Horsman has a vested interest in the success of Kingsland which is apparent by her involvement in the schools and it is apparent she strives to make Kingsland a better place. You are nothing more than a mouthpiece.

I will decline to say whether I am for or against a one site school or any referendum options. But let me tell you something @valleygirl, you are a terrible person for attacking someone you probably don't even know and IF you know them, that makes you even worse because it is evident that Mrs. Horsman is an informed Kingsland parent and volunteer that does what she can to make our schools a better place. I can't wait to see her at an upcoming sporting event so I can finally introduce myself to her and shake her hand and say THANK YOU for caring about the future of our children and our schools! At this point I hope to see her name on a ballot for school board. Yes, her NAME because she isn't hiding like you @valleygirl! You are just terrible.


8:43:49, Feb 8th 2014

kingskid says:
McDonalds a good guy. Because of him and a lot of others im earning college credit at school. Another thing ive learned at school is that this is bullying. You all read the previous comment and felt you needed to say more mean things. Thats bullying. It was after this person tried to apologize too so that really isnt very Christian of you either. All this person really did was tried to stick up for our super and said she didnt like an article and thought there was some bias. For that you count her comments and call her a terrible person? oh and you say she is hiding but where is youre name? Just so you know saying mean stuff about someone doesnt make you any better, it just makes you look bad.


9:46:09, Feb 8th 2014

K12paret says:
I'm sorry, kingskid but I don't believe you are a child in school at all. I feel you are an adult hiding and trying to shame other adults. But to set the record straight, college in the schools is not a new concept and many many schools do it already. McDonald is not solely responsible for it. The entire admin, staff and community is. The credit is not his alone. I agree McDonald is a decent enough guy but I will admit he is very political and if you truly are a child, I don't expect you to understand or see that. But he does position himself for advantages, all supers do it and then they move on to better jobs with more pay. That is just the system. Your parents and your community are going to be looking out for you more than any super ever will because they come and go and just add to their resume. Not saying he hasn't had good ideas because he has but he has also tried to pull a lot of stuff too. They all do.


4:09:17, Feb 10th 2014

KingslandGrad95 says:
Maybe valleygirl and kingskid are one in the same.

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