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10:00:55, Jan 29th 2014

Dachshund says:
Thank You Jason,

For providing the 1st piece I know of that publicizes for all to see what I've known for a long, long time. Those of us living in Lanesboro are paying significantly more for things than are the residents of other Minnesota communities, both nearby and elsewhere throughout the state. While this particular article deals with electric rates specifically, I'd be willing to bet that the results would be much the same if researching the cost of water, various sundries (toilet paper, & soap for example), property taxes, and just about anything else.

Fifty percent more than Preston, however, can not help but make one wonder what is different there in Preston than here in Lanesboro. Exactly what is it that sets these two neighboring communities apart. Could it have, heaven forbid, something to do with the Tourism/Arts "industry" and the resulting proliferation of "non-profits" that so heavily dominates Lanesboro "culture." Certainly seems like the only thing differentiating Lanesboro, other than grocery stores of course, from neighboring communities to me.

The Tourism/Arts minority has dictated Lanesboro's direction now for nearly two decades. In that time our town has lost virtually every business really needed by a community's residents, the things that make a community a desirable place to live. Access to groceries, hardware, etc., etc., is an important consideration in choosing where to live to even residents of big cities like Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago.

And based on recent newspaper coverage of "Lanesboro's" (the town's taxpaying year-round residents are apparently NOT "stakeholders" in this) art campus plans, the Tourism/Arts fanatics are far from finished with us here yet either. Who cares that Lanesboro has to dig a new well (yeah, our top dollar water isn't even fit to drink), upgrade waste water treatment facilities, or repair a "hazardous" falling down dam (damn). Taxpayers can foot the bill for that, along with the costs of running and maintaining new "art installations" too.

And so, exactly when is enough, enough? I, for one, am sick and tired of being told what art is and who in the community is an artist by those who have appointed themselves "art masters." Sick and tired of having to look at and in some cases even listen to someone's (and far too often a non-resident of Lanesboro) concept of "art" (junk to the eyes of some beholders) each and every time I step outside. Most of all, I'm sick and tired of having to help pay for this privilege too!

Sorry, but I grew up in a place where I could choose between shows at literally dozens of theaters, could visit a multitude of museums (all with art of some kind or another) and shop hundreds of galleries on any given day. Sorry, but I just don't need any help appreciating art or in determining who is or isn't an artist. And so very sorry that the latter can be said of my non-artist neighbors, regardless of where they may have been born and raised, as well. Saved Lanesboro, my eye!

John P. Levell
Lanesboro, MN

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