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3:09:51, Jan 19th 2014

Scottb says:

Do you not have responsible editors at the Journal? Where did he get his statistics anyway? .. did he just make them up as usual? or search through multiple sets of stats to find one that he liked? And the phrase..."Ghetto values.. " doesn't that strike anyone else as stereotypical..i.e. racist?
Mr Peterson lost a child Mr Gudmundson... have some respect


10:31:01, Jan 19th 2014

Get With It People says:

Sorry to disappoint, but if you looked at the category that this piece is under, it's a commentary piece. Therefore, editors can't just change what they feel to please you. It's an opinion, that's not the job of an editor. Nor is it their job to fact check a commentary writer's resources. This isn't freshman composition class!


4:59:04, Jan 20th 2014

scottb says:
.. freedom of speech, I get it, however as a newspaper of the people you should take a strand against hatred and intolerance of all forms. The Journal apparently supports the racists attitude of Mr. G or they wouldn't continue to allow his column to be printed. I too shall exercise my freedoms and no longer read the Journal.


10:04:04, Jan 20th 2014

MNFarm1976 says:
scottb, The Fillmore County Journal has to give both sides of an issue equal press exposure, whether or not said views agree with yours. You might be surprised to read this but, not everyone shares the same values as yours, whatever they may be. If the Journal refused to air Mr. Gudmundson's commentaries for whatever reason, then they shouldn't publish any and all commentaries that are submitted for publication. The owner of the Journal can't pick and choose the commentaries he publishes. I've never really read Mr. Gudmundson's commentaries, or any of the other commentaries that involve hot button topics for that matter, as all they all are commentaries, where people are able to use "facts" or "make up facts" to try to prove their points.

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