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11:20:47, Feb 6th 2014

Don't tread on me says:
Rushford village has no proof these dogs are dangerous or not do they have proof that these dogs have ever attacked a person. This is absurd, The committee is trying to bully the dog owners. Shame on Fillmore journal for posting this story when it is not true. The fence is sufficient enough to contain the dogs. Read more on the Winona Post to get the other side of the story!


1:38:24, Feb 6th 2014

Hey the journal is reporting what happened at the council meeting. They aren't saying this is this or that is that in their opinion. Its what happened at the meeting. I would think the dog owners would want to know what's being said at the meetings. They're just reporting what happened they aren't saying they know it happened or not. What is with people dang.


7:26:11, Feb 7th 2014

Austin Millbarge says:
Maybe if the dog owners had shown up at the meetings regarding this issue it wouldn't have gone this far. The word on the street--which more than often is true in the Village where no one lies,steals or cheats at euchre--is that the dog owner only attended one meeting regarding this issue. I have a hard time believing that Mayor Schwanke went out of his way to hire a lawyer and go after Mr. Williams' pets...Schwanke isn't exactly a ball of energy, unless it comes time to trim that Amish style beard he shows off. I do believe that the Village has an ordinance pertaining to troublesome canines and when Mr. Williams or his significant other refused to show their faces at these city council meetings Schwanke and his minions were forced to go with the ordinance. Only after the death sentence was passed down did Mr. Williams start a facebook and change.org campaign to appeal said sentence. I put this on lazy homeowners that forced a lazy mayor to be proactive in a situation that involves over active dogs that might be better off in a more rural setting (yes I did refer to South Rushford as not rural enough). Don't blame other people as dog killers when you didn't care enough for your dogs to attend the meetings that held their lives in the balance. "these are the type of people you want to live here these are the type of people you are gonna get" Jay Sommers


7:45:34, Feb 7th 2014

brewHA says:
Sounds like we have a "dog fight" on our hands. :)