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2:53:19, Nov 18th 2013

mark scheevel says:
paul, you have said it all! it is truly an event that we as parents will never forget. thank you and the journal for all of your falcon coverage. I look for your sports coverage every week. thanks again


5:27:16, Jan 2nd 2014

living in harmony says:
I think the parents that had booze on the bus, going to the game . Should of been kicked off the bus. Shame on you


9:55:29, Jan 3rd 2014

MNFarm1976 says:
living in harmony: what's your proof that parents had booze on the bus? It's pretty damn easy to make up statements like that in an anonymous forum like this.


3:09:56, Jan 19th 2014

living in harmony says:
I was on that bus


10:10:39, Jan 20th 2014

MNFarmboy says:
living in harmony, anyone posting anonymously could say that they were on that bus. Heck, even I could say I was on that bus, even though I wasn't. Why did you wait over a month to comment on a story that was published back on Nov. 18? Did you take your concerns to the school board?


12:26:18, Jan 20th 2014

livinginharmony says:
OMG do I need to show you the pic's. I took it to the school----maybe i didn't post right away cuz my puter was down...who in the helll made you post police----you need to get a life----lol glad i'm not you. i could name the parents off that had the booze. most likely one of them was you

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