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11:49:29, Oct 18th 2013

Louie says:
People who oppose "Obamacare" don't even know what's in it. Republicans were for it before President Obama came into office, now they are against it. I had the displeasure fo watching FOX news and it is very apparent what's going on because they have a constant diatribe about "Obamacare Victims." Amazing! So, there's no mystery in why, poll after poll, people say they don't want "Obamacare," but are in favor of the Affordable Care Act. The ignorance wrought by misinformation (aka propaganda and demagoguery) from the right is absolutely frightening.


7:53:27, Oct 19th 2013

rf says:
thank you. I totally agree. So sick of John Baener just using this as a excuse to do anything against the President. He doesnt care about anyone but himself.


9:43:14, Oct 21st 2013

Dan says:
If any piece of legislation deserves and asterisk next to to show that "special circumstances" allowed it to be passed it is the ACA. It would not pass today. Not one republican voted for it, and it took hundreds of millions in "bribes" to get some to vote for it (Cornhusker Kick back, La. purchase). It's going to cost at least 3 or 4 times more than we were told it would and according to govt. sources there will never be less than 30 million without coverage. It is simply a huge tax increase and more govt control trying to disguise itself as insurance. Just because it's the "law of the land" doesnt mean it cant be defunded or eliminated. Prohibition, defense of Marriage and the voter rights act were all the 'Law of the Land" and they are longer in place. The President had taken it upon himself to amend the law and ignore deadlines without going through congress to do so making the law look nothing like the bill that was passed. Congress had every right and the responsibility to do what they did!


3:36:49, Nov 2nd 2013

Kim Wentworth says:
Remember when Nancy Pelosi said " We have to pass it to find out what's in it". That my friends is the definition of a stool sample, enough said.

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