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Thursday, December 8th, 2016
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3:18:43, Jan 10th 2014

Patriot says:
This is sickening. I can't believe how controlled the citizens are in MN. Making speeding tickets public record?? Disgusting! You all need to fire some officials and change laws! This is America. Not North Korea. Unbelievable.


12:13:51, Jan 10th 2014

MNFarmboy says:
Patriot, speeding tickets and the like are all public information. You can either go to the local courthouse or go to to look up the same information. Newspapers have been posting police reports and court reports for years and years. The court reports or police reports aren't any different from crime reports done on local TV newscasts.


3:01:17, Jan 19th 2014

living in harmony says:
About time Fillmore county posted these reports. These are puplic records. And yes u can look it up on the net. Thanks Fillmore county journal


10:06:07, Jan 20th 2014

MNFarmboy says:
living in harmony, are you a gossip? Are the police and court reports the first thing you read in the Journal?


7:09:38, Jan 21st 2014

living in harmony says:
No but u r. You are the post u comment on everything and try to argue with people. GEAT A Life

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