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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
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10:59:13, Feb 3rd 2014

BethShade says:
I trusted him. SBNet Paul.... Skunk Boy... I believed in him. He said he cared so much for children... He lied. He called what hes done a simple mistake... That it was so easily excusable.


4:47:51, Jul 15th 2014

Knewhimforseveralyears says:
I'm honestly delighted this finally happened. He always gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I thought he would have killed himself before he let himself ever get arrested again.

Other than that, I feel sick to my stomach.

I wish I had done something and listened to my gut...


He said it was a simple mistake? How on earth is this even possibly a mistake???


1:09:42, Feb 15th 2015

BethShade says:
I'm not saying I agreed with it....or him. Or any of it.. I wish he were dead. @knewhimforseveralyears there is nothing about it that was a simple mistake. None of it. He's a sicko and a liar. And if he ever speaks to me again, I will happily shoot him. Happily.


8:57:55, Apr 1st 2015

Skunkpuppy says:
@BethShade and @Knewhimforseveralyears

No matter what someone has done, unless they have unreasonably killed someone, they deserve a chance at life. I'm happy he did not kill himself, I am related... never met face to face but came in contact through mail recently... I would have been devastated had I found out he was dead before I could meet him. Even if he did do something wrong, and by never being around he has wronged me, but with his kindness he is attempting to make up for it. Assuming this stuff could be true, and deep in my heart I believe some of it must be, I understand your unhappiness. But he does care for children, he's begun to care about me. Before you say how much you wish someone is dead, think about the children who could stumble upon your comments and be very hurt by them.


7:42:59, Oct 25th 2015

Knewhimforseveralyears says:
@Skunkpuppy, would you happen to be his daughter? I knew he had one.

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