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10:31:19, Sep 27th 2013

terese says:
Obama's father wrote a paper while attending Harvard. In this paper he stated that the best way to destroy a country is to raise the debt while raising taxes. With that in mind, why has Ms. Reisner taken a LOT of words to say nothing. In one paragraph alone she states that shutting down the government would, "shut down all non-essential government services" DUH? They are non-essential. That means they are not necessary. She further states that , "more ominous (I am so scared)...federal government is expected...have funds to pay its bills and fulfill its obligations." We CANNOT do that NOW! We have to keep borrowing and making more money to keep the government afloat now. I love her conclusion, "the debt ceiling is raised so the government can fulfill its obligations protecting the full faith and credit of the United States." Does she know the USA has had it credit rating dropped??? Does she know that our obligations cannot be fulfilled now with the military being reduced?? Remember when Minnesota's government shut down? The people that still worked had to do more work to take up the slack. Very little changed. Let the gov't shut down and then you will find out how large a number of the "non-essential" there is.


6:53:41, Oct 4th 2013

Louie says:
Thank you, Karen, for the thoughtful and accurate assessment of the outrageous behavior of a minority of irresponsible, reckless US representatives (like John Kline) who are throwing a tantrum to get there way. The consequences are potentially catastrophic!

Terese doesn't seem to understand the difference between essential and necessary. She also doesn't understand that the US credit rating dropped because of the Tea Party threat to not pay the bills that the congress already approved. It's like you decide to buy something and then decide not to pay for it. They approved the spending, so they have to approve paying for it.

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