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Monday, September 26th, 2016
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11:31:02, Sep 13th 2013

Judge Judy Would Say says:

It appears to me that you have subjected yourself to lead-containing paint and its fumes for one too many years during your career as a commercial interior designer.

I think it's ludicrous for you to now indulge yourself now critiquing the structure of a journalism-based article just because you don't agree with the situation of the matter at hand. That being said, if my memory serves me correctly, the place where you conducted your was a shade of "calf scour" yellow, but don't quote me on that. Perhaps you should master one trade before moving on and criticizing another. However, There are more important things to be said here.

It is baffling that you take such offense to a publication that is just reporting on something that is in the court system. There are actually cases against Mr Williams. Though we're not convicting or clearing Williams of charges within this comment thread, you need to realize that nowhere in the article was Williams condemned of guilt.

Your commentary piece makes absolutely no sense. Your arguments are weak and "gossipy." And for one not liking the "heard on the street corner news," you sure like to add fuel to the fire.

As Judge Judy would say, when something doesn't make sense, it is not true. Therefore, I have reached the conclusion that your commentary piece is nothing by a compilation of imaginative fallacies that only hold true value in your delusional subconscious world.


11:04:51, Sep 15th 2013

Second thoughts says:
Thank you, Fran. David Williams has nothing to hide. It appears that his ill-tempered accusers are hiding ulterior motives. Can we mention frack-sand greed as a motive to add to possible racism?