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1:41:15, Aug 24th 2013

Unimpressed says:
I really enjoyed Captain Gudmundson's latest nonsensical rant. Yes, one woman said a bad thing about a Republican. Clearly this means that all Democrats are bad and hateful people. But the dozens of Republican politicians who actively try to legislate against equal rights for women and the LGBT community, or who are against raising the wages of those who make the least in this country- these actions somehow are not hateful or oppressive? Weren't you just quoting the Bible and saying that Christ commanded that we love one another? How are these actions loving? And then you have the audacity to say that you will 'pray' for Obama and Lizz Winstead. You are using your supposed faith as a means to make cheap and cutting remarks under the guise of piety. Disgusting. You give good Christians a bad name.


12:25:25, Aug 25th 2013

Shaun says:
Mr. Gudmundson:

Thank you for this article. I appreciate the clarion call to stand up and tell the truth and stand up for what I believe.

I believe in not using rank attained thru the faith of the USAF to condemn the government of the USA. I find this tactic to be unseemly and to bring discredit to the USAF. Additionally, using statistical records of US service personnel voting patterns (as you have done in the past) to reinforce your political beliefs seems to be a cheap method of qualifying your statements. In your opinion, should service members that do not vote along your ideological bent be discredited? Does a man or woman that has reached the age of majority no longer retain the freedom of determining their own political leanings and sociological perspectives?

I respectfully request that you no longer use the rank attained thru the USAF to attempt to add heft to your political statements. I also request that readers of your articles please understand that the utilization of retired rank does not equal explicit or tacit endorsement by the United States Air Force or current/former Airmen.

Shaun Hoff
Harmony, MN