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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
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8:44:36, Aug 16th 2013

Pastor Bobbie says:
Who ever was in charge of this headline article, my family and I will be praying for you! I was so horrified to see such an anti-family, liberal article! I will have to ask the post office to stop sending the free paper to our house.!!!!!! The fact that the children are being subjected to those womens over sexed wrong lust for each other was enough to bring tears to my eyes! My heart goes out to the kids and teens of this nation, that are being infiltrated by media and television and liberal newspapers and mixed up parents!! My prayer is for revival in this nation and for people to be sorry for their sins before God. Nobody is sorry anymore, people just do what their bodies say do, instead of searching the Word of God and see what he says! I love and pray for you all at this paper, and pray for a real revival in the newspapers of this area! I was going to advertise in this paper but how can I now........ Blessing and Love Bobbie


8:49:54, Aug 18th 2013

Julie says:
I am also very saddened to see the article "Love is Love" on the front page of the Journal. This is not the view of most of the people in this area. Our state and country are sliding fast in the wrong direction. As a newspaper, I would hope that you would be focusing on things that would build up family and community. You blew it on this one.


7:53:27, Aug 19th 2013

tracy says:
I am so happy for this loving couple. Love is Love it is not defined by your sex. And the fact that these children have two people loving and taking care of them everyday makes me smile! Congrats to the newlyweds!


8:42:50, Aug 19th 2013

Supporter says:
Congrats to you both! Great story. "Pastor" Bobbie, As a Christian I can tell you that the most relevant thing Jesus said here is "judge not," or "remove the beam in your own eye before pointing out the speck in your neighbor's," or "let he who is free of sin cast the first stone," so take your judgmental, rule-based Pharisee faith away until you figure out that Jesus told us all to focus on love. Also, where on earth did you get anything about "over-sexed" or "lust" out of this article? It told a story of love and support for each other through difficult times. Perhaps instead of judging these women you need to put some effort into getting your mind out of the gutter.


12:41:39, Aug 19th 2013

hweeks says:
just as our country has a freedom of speech so that every judgemental person can speak their mind, even when really not needed, so do we now have the right to love who we'd like without being told we have to be quiet about it! it's the way of the world this day and age, and to try and preach or push against it is just a silly waste of time and actually makes you seem rather unintelligent! just be happy for those that get to express their love, and go about living you life without judging. no need to comment on others' lives if you don't have anything good to say - you know nothing about these two women, so you have no right to say anything hurtful about them and their lives! LOVE WINS AGAIN!!!


3:31:41, Aug 19th 2013

Liz says:
There are still a lot of very ignorant people in the world (a couple of the commentors below) but you two are doing it right, celebrating your love and offering your support to others facing adversity. congratulations! I'm so happy for you both!


8:39:56, Aug 20th 2013

Brittani Lyn says:
To Pastor Bobbie,
Let me start by saying, I am a Christian woman, and praise God and seek his guidance every day. With that being said, i find myself wondering, was it God's request of you to slander this family and form uneducated opinions of them based on whatever stereotype you associate with gay individuals OR were you just doing (as you implied everyone today does) and saying what your ignorant, homophobic mouth was telling you to?

I can assure you, because I am the aunt of these kids, that the HATE that you just posted for everyone to see, including them, will do FAR more damage to them than the LOVE that ALL of their parents and family give to them.

Holli and Amy, I wish nothing but the best for you both. You are both GREAT people and EXCELLENT parents. In our families, we were taught to love God and share love, not hate. Thank you for doing that! Love you both.


11:26:40, Aug 20th 2013

theBrownBomber says:
I think "Pastor Bobbie" should watch "Prayers for Bobby."