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11:58:29, Aug 6th 2013

justthefacts says:
is my comment going to get posted?


9:01:51, Aug 7th 2013

truthmatters says:
I really have a hard time with individuals who do not know all the facts who choose to spread their misinformed opinion all over the communities of Rushford and Peterson and surrounding communities. I would like to respond to the comment about "evidence of any real maintenance beyond the gym floor". Are you serious????? You obviously are not familar with the school for you to make the comment. I can say for a fact that in recent years multiple classroom floors have been ripped out and replaced. In fact this summer again, another classroom floor has been replaced in the high school. There is ongoing maintenance happening in our 107 year old school! So stop with the conspiracy theory of "intentional neglect". Our current superintendent is going above and beyond to maintain our aging facility.


9:33:26, Aug 7th 2013

birdsofafeather says:
Are you friends with Taylor Peterson??


11:48:18, Aug 7th 2013

truthmatters says:
I would like to respond to the comment about "evidence of any real maintenance beyond gym floor". There is in fact ongoing maintenance in the school buildings. For the past few summers, several classroom floors have been ripped out and replaced. This summer, there is another classroom floor being replaced. Not to mention all the wood floors that are waxed every summer, ongoing painting and new signage, etc. Our current superintendent is going above and beyond to maintain our aging facilities. The truth matters.


1:04:23, Aug 7th 2013

justthefacts says:
" I think Angela Colbenson should have accepted responsibility. It was her after all, who took matters into her own hands and acted without consent of the board in a manner that is possibly illegal, to make a verbal offer to Mr. Ehler to keep him acting in the interest of the school. I want to believe she had the best interest of the district in mind by doing this, but feel it could have been handled better."

"I will be interested to see what the new contract entails beyond what is appropriate for a professional in this position." DO YOU ASSUME HE IS GOING TO BE OVERCOMPENSATED? DO A LITTLE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU MAKE OUTLANDISH SPECULATION.


"I personally agree with fixing the current school, and am thrilled to see that the board listened to the voters, and are going to great effort to present to us a comprehensive plan on what it will take to “rebuild” our current school." NICE TRY, BUT THE STATE OF MN TOLD RP THAT THEY WOULD NEVER ALLOW MONEY TO BE LEVIED TO BE SPEND ON THE OLD BUILDING.

" It appears superintendents change, but the habits do not." JUST A RANDOM THOUGHT, IT IS SERIOUSLY OUT OF PLACE IN YOUR LETTER.


3:24:38, Aug 7th 2013

newcreation says:
Brett, it appears your judgement is clouded with mistrust and anger as you find the need to continually write derogatory commentaries. Have you accepted Jesus into your heart? I accepted Jesus into my heart a little over 2 years ago. I have found more peace and joy in my life now than ever before. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; the old has gone, the new is here!" S


3:30:05, Aug 7th 2013

TEAM says:
Is my comment going to get posted?


8:41:17, Aug 8th 2013

chuckling in the chaos says:
If our esteemed school board member, Mr. Taylor is such a great watchdog for the district then how come he didn't address this months ago? Is he not an elected member of the board? Does he not have a responsibility to take care of these issues BEFORE they become such a travesty? When he points fingers at the Board Chair, he's neglecting the fingers pointing back at him. My advice is that he roll up his sleeves and get to work, that's what you, and the others, were elected to do. Stop pointing out problems and start finding solutions. If you're unable to do that, then step aside and let someone else help solve these issues. The District doesn't need more bomb-thrower's..we need problem solvers.


9:05:57, Aug 10th 2013

Enough says:
I live in rushford and moved here because of the school district and the community. Our test scores are great, all extra curricular activities are wonderful, fabulous teachers, para professionals, administration and support staff that truly care about our kids. They take the time to get to know each child, in fact as I watch Mr. Ehler in school, he makes every effort to shake the hands on our kids, welcome them to school and wish them a great day. He literally invests more time improving our school than any other superintendent I have ever known. If you read the strategic plan that was put together with those from the community, staff, teachers, administration and school board members, it states "safe and welcoming environment". Mr. Ehler goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for our students and staff. A final comment, the school is the pulse of our community. People move to communities to raise their families in a safe environment that will offer a great educational opportunity for their children. If we don't move forward, people will not move here which will ultimately hurt all businesses. We live in such a beautiful area, if we don't pull together our community will not grow. Mr. Ehler only moves forward with the board's approval, think about that...Mr. Peterson is on that board. If he doesn't like our school, then move somewhere that is acceptable to him, but for the rest of us, let us move forward. He obviously has it out for him, and seriously, come walk the walk in school and see what it takes to make a school run, then judge, until then...stop this negativity for our school. We are better than this, and frankly it is time the "quiet voices" are heard.


10:01:50, Aug 12th 2013

MNRemark says:
Now now, let's not be too harsh on Mr. Kues. He's not a native resident of Rushford, he's only been in Rushford for approximately 3 years when he moved there with his wife. If anyone has read any of his previous posts regarding R-P school or the Rushford library one knows he likes to use big words to make himself look important and sophisticated. And, going to a school board meeting isn't a by-invitation only event. Anyone can attend a school board meeting so I don't know why he had to say that "he had the privilege of being invited to attend a school board meeting." In my opinion, Mr. Kues is one of those people that thinks he knows better then people that have been living in this area their entire life.


7:28:32, Aug 15th 2013

Taylor Peterson says:
I just thought I would drop in and say that I find it comical that the folks commenting here have to do it from behind a computer screen with a made up user name. Why can't they use their real names? Are they scared or something?

It is also comical that people are saying I have been disrespectful to Chuck and Angela. I think it was pretty disrespectful of Angela to break the law by telling Chuck to continue working without board consent. Even though she contacted the school attorney, the attorney cannot grant her that authority. So that an issue.

Also, most of the maintenance that takes place at the school doesn't take place until the fire marshal deems it a healthy and safety hazard. That way it gets paid for by levying it onto the taxpayers.
At the winter information meeting Chuck told the entire audience that the board budgets $225 thousand for maintenance, which is a complete lie. Only $75 thousand was budgeted for maintenance, the rest was put on the taxpayers through health and safety.

As for me not doing one thing to make education better at our schools and only continuing an "obstructionist agenda" I just have to laugh. I haven't obstructed anything. I think you're just upset that I told folks how the school board really operates.

On a final note, in reference to disrespect, isn't it disrespect to not follow the wishes of the taxpayers who have voted down two referendums? Maybe they are telling you that you have a $7 million dollar budget and you need to figure out what to do with it and do it wisely. If the school were a privately held company, Chuck and most of the board would have been fired a long time ago.