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12:05:17, Jan 15th 2013

Unimpressed says:
This is ridiculous. Your 15 year old lust for a new truck has nothing to do with the needs of an entire school district. So you wanted a shiny new truck- who cares? Once upon a time I wanted a pony, since we're sharing pointless stories. The school district needs a new school. Wants and needs are not actually the same thing. Your folksy story about mucking out stables to get what you want serves no point in a meaningful dialogue regarding the real needs of the RP school district. Thanks anyway for sharing your teenage memoirs and condescending attitude.


7:45:33, Jan 16th 2013

notaclown says:
How many other districts have made their 100 year old building last this long? While I will give you credit for meeting with Mr. Ehler and trying to educate yourself, it is still obvious that you have received a majority of your information from some of the local out of touch crazies and conspiracy theorists. I would imagine one of these to have actually served on the school board when the supposed "severe neglect" happened. You, like many others are confused over wants and needs, and also over civic, community duty and personal objects/status symbols. Maybe you attitude would be different if you had skin in the game, like owned property in the district or had children in this school.