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2:35:39, Oct 26th 2012

shevmonster says:
Christ said "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's" meaning there is a difference between God's law and the laws of man, and there should be. Christians spent thousands of years killing each other, and killing Jews, and claiming that they were doing in the name of God. Our founding fathers preached tolerance and a separation of church and state so that we could all get along. Because of this tolerance, people who want to be fundamentalist Christians and live their lives that way have the right to do so. These same people should respect the rights of other not to do so. If you're religious beliefs tell you that homosexuality is a sin, then you are free not to practice it. At the same time, however, it is none of your business telling someone else how to live his or her life or whom that person can and cannot marry.


8:20:02, Oct 29th 2012

EW says:
Well said Shevmonster!

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