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6:42:25, Sep 25th 2012

andrew kingsley says:
It seems quite naive to fall for the media's/Pres. Obama's claim that these events in Muslim countries have been due primarily to one poorly constructed video by one ignorant moron. And even if that were true, would it say more about us or those Muslims participating in the riots and violence? I don't see Christians and Jews picking up their weapons and rioting every time Christianity or Judaism is denegrated. The very fact that we are alive as non-Muslims is what they hate us for, first and foremost. Our government's apology tours for being who we are doesn't appear to appease their hatred in any way. Looking at history, it seems these same Muslim nations respect only one thing, strength. Weak presidencies like that of Obama and Carter appear to invite and incite these kinds of events. We can bow to them and praise them and make excuses for their actions all we want, but they will still hate us for not being Muslims. I say we stay out of all these nations, keep our foreign aid to solve our own problems, and let them hate eachother like they did before we were there.


12:20:06, Sep 28th 2012

EW says:
What you have to realize Andrew is that there are other perspectives and whole different worlds beyond your small perception of the truth and what is right. The Muslim faith condemns these actions. It is a select few fundamentalists that are marring our perception of an entire faith. Would you agree that the Christians who protest military funerals are representative of all Christians? No, every religion and culture has their extremes and since their world is very much different than ours we should try to understand how perceptions may be different.
In many coutnries of Muslim faith, free speech and media are very much controlled. So when their norm is that nothing is released by the media that doesn't have government approval, how could they truly understand a concept like YouTube where anyone can post anything they want at any time? Your stance is just as bad as the Muslim extremists that took physical action to express their opinion and outrage over what they hold most sacred, you assume without an ounce of understanding.

Call it weak all you want, but I don't say that it isn't reasonable to at least try to see a situation from a different perspective. Please educate yourself on the Muslim faith don't make broad, uneducated assumptions on an entire group of people becasue of the actions of a few. I hate it when all Americans are stereotyped as being ignorant as you.

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