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2:28:20, Jul 18th 2012

Thomas Hobbes says:
A very humorous post, Jason. It was very enjoyable to read. If I may use some of your words to describe a very similar event in the past, but from the bear's point of view? All in jest of course.

On a morning that seemed like every other, the forest was abuzz about the two legged hominids walking through the forests. No, it wasn’t one of the natives that are darker skinned and light on their feet. Rather, this fellow was much lighter skinned, wore funny looking cloth fur, and carried a long and heavy boomstick.

Now, this may scare the cubs a bit, but this really happened. A white hominid was meandering about the meadow, near the streams, and then into the woods. Perhaps he was prepared to splash in the river. After all, the river is cool and clean and a great place to catch a snack.

I was on the knoll near the big oak tree when a hawk cawed at me, alerting me of this strange hominid’s presence. By the time I pawed over to the den to let the cubbies know, Picinic and Winnie were already scrambling out to get a good look.

I chased after them towards the sighting as well. On the way I roared into the forests and into the meadows, wondering if any of the other wildcats, deer, wolves, eagles, rabbits, or turkeys new any information.

I ran into a family of raccoons down where that tree was struck by a great flash from the thunderstorm last year. I asked them if they knew anything about this white fellow. You wouldn’t believe what they told me! “Sure Smokey, he and a few others were hanging around Wile E.’s den yesterday. We don’t know if that coyote got out of there or not, not heard from him yet.”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Oh sure,” said the momma raccoon. “Little Meeko was chatting with one of the native hominid girls when the newcomer showed up. But he didn’t stay long, just chopped down the giant willow tree then headed back from where he came from.
Word is, this lighter skinned hominid has some friends and they’re moving this way. Of course, what the old owls say at night can just be bearsay, but who knows? There is even talk that these hominids are using giant floating metal and wood devices to go up the rivers! Can you believe that?”

My mind was buzzing with all this information. New and different hominids in these forests and meadows? Wile E. gone? The old willow cut down? Big floating things in the rivers with more on the way? It sounds like an adventure, but some how I have this feeling that it may not turn out so great for our kind in the long run. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll all share this land with the newcomers.