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7:04:17, Jul 9th 2012

Harold says:
Yvonne -- So, you must be voting for Mit Romney in November? That's a joke! Ha! Ha!

Keep in mind that the middle class is going to absorb the majority of costs associated with this new health care system. The rich will always be able to afford quality health care, the poor will always be taken care of under state and federal programs, so the middle class will take the hit financially.

And, regardless of what changes we can make with respect to coverage of everyone or a select few, insurance companies are always going to come out ahead. The third party administrators hike up their rates based on risk of loss from trend analysis conducted by their actuaries. THEY WILL NOT LOSE MONEY. Instead, this new health care system enables health care providers and insurance companies to charge more and make more money off the government and the tax payers. Guaranteed, we will see more usage of the system, and not always for situations that require medical attention (i.e. the common cold).

We were poor growing up, never took any government help, and rarely went to the doctor. I'm alive and well today, and I do believe that which is provided free (entitlement) becomes over-used and abused very quickly. I guess I will have to sit back, wait, watch, and some day tell you, "I told you so." Unfortunately, this is one of those instances in which I don't want to be right.