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Friday, December 9th, 2016
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10:11:35, Feb 22nd 2016

trishkkeating@aol.com says:

“Where is Everyone?”
Those were the words that echoed through the almost empty Servicemen’s Club during the Ugly Sweater fundraiser this past Saturday night.
I have been involved in many fundraisers: From raising money for the Mpls & St Paul K-9 Units, my church, Relay for Life, the Preston Art Board, Historical Society, the Club’s Scholarship Fund as well as the Chamber.
As most of you know it is important to have people from other organizations come to those events and to support our causes: Many have spent several hours planning events and know how disappointing it is when few show up to support their efforts. These fundraisers are not organized for just the members of that club/organization to get together for a party, they are given for all to come:
• To earn money for their cause(s).
• To help others become aware of their organizations and what they do.
• To come together as a community to support each other.
• T support other businesses in area.
For example: Last Saturday, the Art’s Council had an Ugly Sweater fund raiser for the mural that will adorn city hall: The event was held at the Club to help bring business there. Food was served by the Lyon’s Club and purchased from Preston Foods to keep business local. JuliaClaire even sold a couple of sweaters for the event which was great considering this time of year business is quite slow.
There were signs all over town, a story was printed in the Leader and invites and reminders were placed on FB. Several people came to the event and the council was very grateful for their presence; but not nearly as many as were expected and most of the party-goers were members of the Art’s Council.
I heard several comments during the evening about the lack of people attending the event Saturday night. One’s non-attendance gives negative messages and discourages attendance and plans to and for other events.
I realize that everyone is busy and everyone has obligations but we as a community and we as a Chamber need to support other organizations if we expect those organizations to support us. We are business owners, managers and board members because we are over-achievers and know how to organize and schedule not only ourselves but others.
I encourage my volunteers to attend events as a group. It does take some time to do this but it brings many people out to events they may not otherwise attend. It also introduces them to places and groups they were not aware of and it’s fun to meet outside of work.
There are several events to earn money coming in the near future and I encourage and challenge all of you to gather your employees, friends, families and groups to support each other. It is important to share the love(money) and we need to support one another in order for all to be successful.
We are a small community and this sort of support makes us a strong community.
Trish Keating